Hive College [hahyv kol-ij] noun. 1 : an incubator for close friendships 2 : a way to dramatically reduce the money and time needed to pursue your passions 3 : a source of support and safety 4 : a place to live in a genuinely sustainable manner


We open our doors in downtown Denver in the Fall of 2012.

The Hive College concept

The Hive College concept has simple origins. Each of my four years of high school, I attended the Cornell Adult University alumni summer program with my mother and sister. We spent day and night, for two straight weeks, with passionate, giving, talented, vital people – enveloped in Ithaca, New York's gorgeous surroundings. Each day was an opportunity to learn, connect, and rejuvenate through interesting classes, nature outings, arts programs, delicious meals, and, especially, long conversations, many of which lasted late into the night. Those long conversations quickly blossomed into friendships. And many of those friendships have become close and enduring.

Hive College makes those types of experiences part of people's everyday (and everynight) lives. As a member of Hive College you will be empowered to pursue your passions and emboldened to be your authentic self.

Hive College is a non-coercive, unstructured community where the members set priorities, plan events, create mentorship programs, and where each individual can live their life as they see fit. We believe that if you put the right group of people together and give them the tools they need for communication and self-governance, the community will grow healthfully and naturally of its own accord.

An incubator for close friendships

Hive College is, first, one hundred households of amazing people, living next to one another, who enjoy the company of others, are passionate about a particular endeavor (or two or three or ten) and are given to sharing their passions with others.  This makes it easy for friendships to blossom and for activity spurred by friendship to happen spontaneously in a continuous cycle.  Hive College is about building and sustaining friendships with people who are passionate about living life to the fullest. 

  • Discuss philosophy, rose pruning, or the NFL draft late into the night over a cup of coffee or glass of wine
  • Laugh hysterically
  • Volunteer together
  • Start and sustain a book club
  • Learn how to make furniture
  • Watch a great movie – in your pajamas – with other movie buffs
  • Cook a meal in an unfamiliar cuisine with other Hivers and the help of an expert
  • Live in the midst of constant birthday celebrations
  • Teach a child how to garden
  • Assemble two teams for a full-on game of Ultimate Frisbee
  • Host a foreign exchange student

A way to dramatically reduce the money, effort and time needed to pursue your passions

Hive College leverages economies of scale to provide over 35,000 square feet of facilities that you'd never be able to afford on your own.  These facilities, coupled with the close proximity of friends who inhabit Hive College, make it possible to pursue your specific passion without having to make extra time or spend a fortune.  Being a member of Hive College is about being able to do the things you love to do, spontaneously, without having to put on a pair of shoes.

Here are just some of the passions you can pursue at Hive, without having to leave the premises or spend extra money:

  • Conversation (great people, of course!; private places to talk throughout the Hive; regular common meals; book clubs; a life of spontaneous and meaningful connection)
  • Travel (three shared homes owned by Hive College: in the Colorado mountains, Lucca, Italy, and Leiden, Holland)
  • Painting (painting studio)
  • Work (professional shared office with conference facilities)
  • Exercise (full weight training and cardio facility; multiple endless pools; sauna)
  • Carpentry (carpentry studio)
  • Music (partnership with Fall: in Love with Music; audiophile listening room; rehearsal studios; practice rooms; multiple grand pianos)
  • Foreign language (rotating foreign exchange students; sister communities in Holland and Italy)
  • Gardening (10,000 SQFT rooftop flower and cooking garden)
  • Play (giant indoor kids' play space; 3-story slide; Lego™ studio; outdoor playgrounds)
  • Meeting new people (year-round, rotating visiting scholars-, artists-, and writers-in-residence; 10 short-term guest rooms)
  • Food (large industrial teaching kitchen; regular cooking classes; regular common meals; wholesale home grocery delivery)
  • Movies (movie screening room)
  • Dogs (year-round dog training; dog wash; outdoor dog play area)
  • Dance (dance studio)
  • Wine (shared wine cellar)
  • Games (billiards and table tennis)
  • Yoga (yoga studio)
  • Reading (large shared library; roof garden reading nooks)
  • Astronomy (telescopes in the roof garden)
  • Ceramics (ceramics studio; kilns)
  • Metal work (outdoor welding area)

A source of support and safety

The design, economies of scale, and extraordinary friendships you'll build at Hive College will provide you an unprecedented level of support and safety.  At Hive you can:

  • Age without fear of loneliness or isolation from other adults and children
  • Participate in shared parent-run child care
  • Let your young child roam out of sight without any reason to be concerned for their safety
  • Find someone next door to fix a computer problem, watch your dog while you're on vacation, decrypt a crossword puzzle, babysit your child, or take you to the hospital in an emergency
  • As you grow old, share the use of in-home care professionals and nurses, so you don't need to be separated from the friends you've made and support system you've developed

A place to live in a genuinely sustainable manner

At Hive College we take sustainability VERY seriously. It's not just a buzzword. Hive College will have:

  • A fleet of shared, all-electric vehicles made by Nissan
  • Electricity generated entirely via windpower (purchased windpower from XCEL Energy)
  • Comprehensive recycling and composting systems
  • A hyper-insulated building envelope
  • A greywater recycling system
  • An enormous rooftop urban cooking garden
  • Bicycle and pedestrian friendly environment, including an on-site bike repair shop


To visualize Hive College, look at the renderings on this page and visualize a modern, sustainable, and architectural apartment building stacked on top of the most outrageous university campus union you can imagine, teaming with friendship, activity, and Hive Collegians pursuing and sharing their passions.

More, More, More!

To imagine what Hive College will be like, we've conjured up a hypothetical Day at Hive College...